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Our Services

Water Damage

If you’ve had the misfortune of a flood or water damage in your home, you know the importance of fast action. A quick response is important to minimize damage to your home. The sooner your home can be returned to its original condition with the least amount of disruption to your life.

Using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, RUGMASTER can remove excess water and dry your home in a relatively short period of time. With more specialized de-flood crews than any other company in Gauteng we can respond to your problem fast!

As a full service restoration company we can handle the entire job from top to bottom including structural repair, personal content restoration, deodorizing and final cleanup. We can also provide off-site storage for your valuables during the restoration process. We can remove and dispose of damaged carpets, and offer a salvage option for goods beyond repair.

We will thus also work with your insurance company to get you back to normal in the shortest possible time.

We’re ready on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis to respond to your crisis. So when disaster strikes, call RUGMASTER.

Mattress Cleaning

No matter how clean a house is, all mattresses are prone to becoming contaminated with dust mites which can trigger asthma symptoms. Cleaning a mattress on a regular basis, every 6 months, can be a great help to asthma sufferers.

Dust mites are macroscopic, eight-legged arachnids, invisible to the human eye and can crawl through the weave of bedding fabrics.
About 60% of mites in the home will be found in the mattress and these will feed on tiny flakes of shed human skin cells and produce droppings. As the body moves in the bed, dust and mite excrement is charred up with the mattress acting like bellows and blowing dirt in the mouth, nose, eyes and onto the skin which in turn can cause asthma symptoms to get worse.

An average adult will shed about a gram of skin each day and although night clothes and bed linen are washed on a regular basis this will not protect the mattress from becoming infested.

Upholstery Cleaning

Don’t replace your favorite couch or chair, get it RUGMASTER Cleaned
RUGMASTER can restore the beauty and extend the life of your precious upholstered furniture. RUGMASTER gets your upholstery deep down clean and fresh, bringing back the vibrant colour and beauty.

Upholstered furniture uses more varied materials and methods of manufacture than carpets. One cleaning process will not work on all upholstered furniture. Special considerations such as colour fastness and dimensional stability of the fabric must be made. At RUGMASTER we’ll provide the cleaning process that’s right for your particular upholstered fabric.

Allergy Relief Treatment

Indoor air quality and maintenance go hand in hand
The implementation of an effective maintenance program will reduce harmful bacteria and allergens in the work place e.g. “dust mite allergen” and “mold spores”. These cause respiratory disease that often lead to absenteeism among staff.

Areas that are commonly associated with allergens are carpets, upholstered furniture, ceilings and blinds.

Call RUGMASTER to help improve your INDOOR AIR QUALITY!

Carpet Cleaning

Rugmaster knows that a healthy home or office starts with clean carpets. Nothing cleans more thoroughly or protects your investment better than the range of Rugmaster cleaning methods.
Various factors are taken into consideration before cleaning. These are carpet fibre, carpet construction, location, ventilation and traffic areas.

At Rugmaster we offer a wide variety of cleaning methods that are tailored to suit your individual cleaning requirements.

These include:
Bonnet Mopping
Dry Powder Cleaning
Dry Foam Cleaning
Hot Water Extraction
Steam Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

You can trust your oriental rugs to RUGMASTER. We understand the value a fine rug can represent. With a lifetime, in many cases, of up to 150 years these rugs can be much more than a household furnishing, they can be an investment.
Our approach to cleaning oriental rugs combines old world craftsmanship with new technology. Using patented tools and equipment designed specifically for cleaning oriental rugs, our unique system utilizes the simple elements of air and water to provide the most thorough and effective, yet gentle cleaning. It’s powerfully soft on your investment textiles.

RUGMASTER will pick up your oriental rug, clean it in our state of the art plant and deliver it back to your home. Or drop it off and pick it up yourself and save!

We are currently able to clean the following rugs:

  • Flokati
  • Persian
  • Chinese
  • Designer
  • Oriental

Vibra-Clean Carpet Maintenance System

Vibra- Clean by Rugmaster is the ideal carpet maintenance system that supports a healthy indoor environment ……..Carpets are cleaner, vibrant in colour and dry within minutes of cleaning.
Vibra- Clean has a unique low- moisture system that uses 10 times less water than water extraction methods. Over wet carpets will never again be an issue with Vibra-clean- with the low moisture system, carpets are put back into service and are available for full function promptly. The clean, low moisture system will promote improved air quality, and a healthier environment.

This is why Vibra-Clean by Rugmaster is the most advanced carpet maintenance system in the world.

Ceiling Cleaning

Nearly every existing and new commercial building contains acoustical ceiling tile which needs to be cleaned to improve Indoor Air Quality and appearance. Painting isn’t practical, because it’s more expensive and destroys the acoustical value of the tile. Replacement is simply too costly. Rugmaster offers thorough and fast one-pass deep cleaning of acoustical tile. Our system easily cleans smoke, grease, oil, dust and pollutants in one application. Our exclusive, environmentally safe detergent formulation gives you superior cleaning results-for all types of porous and nonporous ceiling tile.